Coverage Areas

Annapolis County
Serviced Area

Hwy 201 West – Bridgetown, Carleton Corner, Centrelea, Clementsport, Tupperville, Round Hill, Moschelle, Annapolis Royal, Upper Clements, Cornwallis, Deep Brook

Hwy 201 East – West Paradise, West Lawrencetown, Inglisville, South Williamston, Nictaux West, Nictaux Falls, Nictaux East, Torbrook East

Hwy 1 West – Bridgetown, Upper Granville, Belleisle, Youngs Mountain Rd, Granville Centre, Parker Mountain Rd, Granville Ferry,

Hwy 1 East – Paradise, Lawrencetown, North Williamston, Brickton, Lower Middleton, Middleton, Wilmot, South Farmington

Granville Rd – Granville Beach, Port Royal, Karsdale, Port Wade, Victoria Beach

Clarence Rd – Clarence East, Mt.Hanley Rd, Brooklyn

Lilly Lake Rd  – Spa Springs, Victoriavale

Colchester County
Serviced Area

Hwy 215 – Shortts Lake, Brookfield, Stewiacke

Hwy 236 – Old Barns, Clifton, Princeport

Hwy 2 – Debert, Onslow, Masstown, Debert Beach, Little Dyke, Great Village, Economy

Cumberland County Proposed

Serviced Area

Not currently serviced. Project pending funding through government rural internet project. Please sign up to determine viability of project.

East Hants County
Serviced Area

Hwy 215 – Maitland, South Maitland, Urbania, Selma, Noel, Burntcoat

Hwy 202 / 354 – Gore, Courthouse Hill

Kings County
Serviced Area

Hwy 221 – North Kingston, Bishop Mountain Rd, Clairmont Rd.

Lunenburg County

Serviced Area

Sweetland and surrounding areas up 10km radius
Little & Big Tancook Islands

Queens County
Serviced Area

Hwy 8  – Caledonia, Kejimkujik

Hwy 208 – North & South Brookfield

Westfield / Molega