Connecting Canadians:

Connecting Canadians is a key pillar of Digital Canada 150, a plan for Canadians to take full advantage of the opportunities of the digital age. Its aim is to provide greater access to high-speed Internet to Canadians across the country.

Broadband for Rural Nova Scotia (BRNS):

Nova Scotia High Speed Internet offers bi-directional fibre and wireless over the air up to 15 Mbps speeds. Super-fast downloading and blazing fast upload speeds allowing you to send & receive large files, large email attachments, pictures, and videos all day and never slow down. You can stream TV and Netflix movies without buffering or waiting. Enjoy having clear Skype video calls with no disruption or delays because of our low latency network.

This means more Canadians will be able to connect with their teachers, doctors and families across the country as well as realize economic opportunities. These services all require large amounts of data to be transferred quickly.

Over 99 percent of Canadian households currently have access to basic Internet with speeds of 1.5 Mbps, but newer online technologies typically require faster speeds and higher data transfer rates. We are offering bi-directional fibre and wireless over the air up to 15 Mbps speeds to meet the ever growing need for more Internet based services.
Federal 15Federal 15 Mbps is $59.99 +HST / month (includes rental, no data usage cap, no contract)

Note: This plan is only available to buildings that have clear line of sight to our transmitters.