Nova Scotia High Speed Internet

Coverage Areas

Annapolis County

Serviced Area

Hwy 201 West - Bridgetown, Carleton Corner, Centrelea, Clementsport, Tupperville, Round Hill, Moschelle, Annapolis Royal, Upper Clements, Cornwallis, Deep Brook

Hwy 201 East - West Paradise, West Lawrencetown, Inglisville, South Williamston, Nictaux West, Nictaux Falls, Nictaux East, Torbrook East

Hwy 1 West - Bridgetown, Upper Granville, Belleisle, Youngs Mountain Rd, Granville Centre, Parker Mountain Rd, Granville Ferry,

Hwy 1 East - Paradise, Lawrencetown, North Williamston, Brickton, Lower Middleton, Middleton, Wilmot, South Farmington

Granville Rd - Granville Beach, Port Royal, Karsdale, Port Wade, Victoria Beach

Clarence Rd - Clarence East, Mt.Hanley Rd, Brooklyn

Lilly Lake Rd - Spa Springs, Victoriavale

Colchester County

Serviced Area

Hwy 215 - Shortts Lake, Brookfield, Stewiacke

Hwy 236 - Old Barns, Clifton, Princeport

Hwy 2 - Debert, Onslow, Masstown, Debert Beach, Little Dyke, Great Village, Economy

East Hants County

Serviced Area

Hwy 215 - Maitland, South Maitland, Urbania, Selma, Noel, Burntcoat

Hwy 202 / 354 - Gore, Courthouse Hill

Kings County

Serviced Area

Hwy 221 - North Kingston, Bishop Mountain Rd, Clairmont Rd.

Lunenburg County

Serviced Area

Sweetland and surrounding areas up 10km radius

Yarmouth County

Serviced Area

Hwy 340 - Richfield to Carleton (North and South only)